stupid boobs

They’re lumpy again. Which means I get to get felt up by random “medical professionals” again.

What a goat rodeo! Praying I come out the other side, just like all the last times.

Stupid boobs! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

10 thoughts on “stupid boobs

    1. If I was betting woman, I’d think it’s some sort of conspiracy for them to get their hands on me about every 6 months. I’m going to start requesting drinks, at minimum.

      Thanks for the prayers.

      1. Same here – you are in my prayers. But think of me with a pacemaker – I get to have TSA touch my WHOLE body for every flight – that was EVERY FLIGHT – TSA, again, EVERY FLIGHT – TSA.

        1. The mammogram is nothing! Do it…easy enough. It’s the finding something or feeling something much different that’s the hard part. I’ve been lucky though, so far! And expect to have same thing happen on this one. Again, just annoying.

          1. Well you already know this then, but my husband who spends about 30% of his time in a breast clinic, 80% of the time the person is fine. The remaining 20% they work up and such a small percentage actually have a cancer and then so many are curable and treatable now. My paternal grandmother had one breast removed, goodness like 40 years ago and she just turned 90!

            1. Yep! All should be good. That’s why I feel like it’s just annoying at this point having the new lumps or changes examined. But that’s what they’re asking me to do, so here I sit :)!!

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