so call me, maybe

When it comes to songs on the radio, I often listen to stations that transform me into a 13 year old girl. Not that I’m listening to Tiffany or Debbie Gibson these days, but I’m not afraid to turn up a little NKOTB, or for my young readers, One Direction.

I’ll go ahead and blame my kids.  YES! I have younger kids in my van and this is what THEY want to listen to. The fact that I’m singing along and wondering how low Shawty is gonna go in her Apple Bottom jeans is all their fault.

Who am I to not enjoy *their* music?

Since I’m all up on the latest music (please DO NOT ask me the name of any artist’s or song titles. I tell you now, I will fail), the following picture making it’s way around the twitterverse makes me very, very happy.

Dear David Coppini,

I think I’m gonna call you. Maybe.

If you don’t get why this is amazingly clever and amazing, watch this:

Or this!

You’re welcome for trapping this song in your head.  See! Being a 13 year girl again can be kinda fun.

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