that girl

We need to talk about that girl. The girl on the teeny, tiny, little airplane with the really big bag of crinkly, crazy noise-filled-plastic with some kinda Cajun flavored peanuts. We can hear each time she reaches deep into the bag. Lord only knows how far up the plane that Cajun scent travels. God, someone do something about her. Holy annoying!!

And let’s just say this girl is going TO TOWN on this bag.

Reach in.

Crinkle, crinkle.

Chomp. Chomp. CHOMP.

Poor young man sitting next to her keeps pretending he’s sleeping. Head in hands. Head against chair. Poor kid just can’t get comfortable. He can’t ignore the chomp!

None of us can.

Including me. Even though, I’m that girl.

But PEOPLE…This shit is super gooooood. Crazy mix of peanuts, corn, some kinda crunchy things. And I’m super, super really hungry. So yes! I’m gonna keep deep diving into this bag of goodness. And probably annoying you. And probably not caring too much.

I’m guessing the poor kid next to me doesn’t care too much either. He just offered me his cookies.

Wait!!! Maybe he’s just scared that I’m still hungry.

And where’s the damn stewardess flight attendant? My mouth is on fiiiiiiiii-eeeerrr, and I probably need to slurp me some water!!

And now, I’ve got my headphones on and am grooving. All alone. In my seat. I wonder if the young man next to me can feel his seat shake when my buttocks shakes my seat?

Too bad I can’t offer him any Cajun peanuts. All gone!

BEST flight evahhhhhh!

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