pinterest for dinner

Dear Pinterest,

What is my family having for dinner tonight? I’m feeling horribly guilty about the amount of pizza we’ve recently consumed at the pool, near the pool, in our backyard, in the car.

Grilled chicken is becoming old and boring and old and bland.

So, what I ask the Grand Master Pinterest, am I feeding my family for dinner??

Looks like I need butter, cream, milk, bacon, mushrooms, pasta and blue cheese. And with those simple 7 ingredients I can make enough recipes to feed my family for a week. Some with the Crock Pot. Some without.

Thank you, Pinterest! Such a great source of recipes, and now my family doesn’t have to eat pizza ONE. MORE. TIME. cause I know they are really, really struggling with it.  Particularly, my eight year old son. And I’m sooooooo jonesing to get my ass in front of the stove again. JONES-ING!!

And then you said...

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