mid-year reviews

It’s that time of year in the workplace for mid-year reviews.  A time to reflect on your goals for the year and tell your boss, who then tells his boss, what a SUPAH-STAR you’ve been for the first half of the year.  This got me thinking of my personal goals and I thought it best to do a personal review as well.

2012 Goals:

  1. Cook dinner more for my family – I’ve made a least 2, maybe 3, recipes from Pinterest so far in 2012. We can mark this as a TOTAL success! 
  2. Get my nose pierced – I wasn’t sure when or where it was gonna happen, but knew I wanted this done before 2013. So we visited the creepy guy piercing professional in Chicago and got it done. Nailed it!
  3. Trip to Disney World – I started planning this, but even with travel assistance from the experts this put me over the edge. Epic Fail.
  4. Taking the kids to Kauai for our 10th Anniversary – I know it sounds crazy. And it’s not September yet, but if I don’t get my act together this too will be an Epic Fail.
  5. Finish the kid’s baby books – let’s be honest, they are now 8 and 6. And by that I mean years, not months. This is never. gonna. happen. Sorry kids. Add it to your list for your future therapist.
  6. Start exercising more – like making dinner for my family, I walked on the treadmill and walked the neighborhood with a good friend at least 5 times. This equals total fitness. Mark this as a success!

Not on my list of goals, but accomplished anyway:

  1. Visited by the Sheriff while still in my nightie – accomplished perfectly. Twice!
  2. Meet a crap ton of funny people at Erma conference, but get ignored on Twitter by the Cool Guy – yeah Alan, I’m talking to you!
  3. Gain 12-15 pounds simply from drinking alcohol – my muffin top has never looked better. H-O-T-T! Nailed it!

Of course, I have wahhhyyy more goals than what’s listed above (wahhhhhhy more), but I haven’t quite tackled them yet . We’ll address those at the end of year. If I remember!

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