2000 islands

Sometimes, when I feed my kids dinner, we are sitting outside in the glorious sunshine, right next to a drive-thru. (super-handy, sometimes healthy). During one recent dinner, The Boy and I were chatting it up next to the drive thru.

As usual, we were both listening to each other and listening to the orders.  We are THAT talented. A woman drove thru and ordered a salad. She then ordered “2 thousand islands.”

The Boy asked, “Did you hear what she just ordered?”

I was stunned he understood that ordering 2 dressing was defeating the purpose of the salad. Then I asked, “you mean the 2 thousand islands?”

Then it hit me, “OH! The 2000 islands?? Like 2 thousand Hawaiis!!??”

And right then and there, I captured that wonderfully sweet, little moment inside the head of an 8 year old.  A special somewhere I want to spend a lot more time before it disappears!!

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