“ohhh… i like your hair!”

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Alright, it’s a hate/hate relationship.  There’s really nothing good about the crap growing out of my head. I’ve struggled for a long, long, long time to accept what was at one time stick-straight-with-no-body-to-the-most-curly, crappy-nappy, but-won’t-grow-long-enough-to-wear-curly-but-won’t-straighten-into-anything-less-than-crap-texture madness that is the top of my head.

Several months ago, I’d given up on the mommy bob, dreadful boring look I got stuck with since my hair has absolutely no desire to grow past my chin.  Good thing I’ve got several chins so the length can vary by an inch or so. But then it stops. Dead. And I give up on boring mommy-do and cut it short again. Give it some personality. Cause Lord knows I got me some.

So I went short. Again. And I was rocking it. I was happy with it. Life was good. Then it started to grow out. Time to cut it again. Short looked great so let’s try really short.

Here’s my genius, logical logic: If I take in a photo of Ellen DeGeneres, Halle Berry or Natalie Portman’s super short pixie do’s, I shall walk out looking just like them.  Just. Like. Them. (Stop judging me. You do the exact same thing!) Look at how great they look. I look good in short, so really short will = no problem!

Except it is a big problem. And it’s a big don’t on the top of my head. My mile long forehead and my dumbo ears do nothing to flatter the short, short cut. And the color. Good lord, the color. I made the mistake of going really short AND saying, yes let’s go lighter. I strayed from a formula that’d taken years to find. And just like I shoulda known, my hair went orange. (Psssst – my hair is crap! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!)

I went back to the salon to fix the color. The normal base color and some of the blonde highlights. But since the hair is so damn short, the highlights could only be placed on top and hhhmmmmm, how did it turn out? Skunk stripes on top.

No fault to my lovely hairdresser, hair stylist, technical hair designer, the really cool chic that does my hair. I made the decision to go really short. I made the decision to switch up the color formula.

Dumb ass.

Once I saw the cut in the mirror, I remembered I’d done this once before. A long, long time ago. I hated it then. And I remembered, post cut, I hate it now.

So when you see me in the coming 4-6 months, please enjoy my hair scarf. It will be a permanent part of “me” for a while. You wear a pony tail everyday. I wrap and hide my hair everyday.

And if you comment on my hair, well, I will cut you.

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