my busy brain

For more nights than I’d like to admit, I’m waking up in the “middle” of the night. I’m not sure it’s “middle” of the night, but 3 or 4 am is way too early to be up for the day. I’d argue 6 or 7am is also too early on most days, but that’s not my point here.  My point is, my brain works too hard sometimes. It doesn’t rest properly. And by the looks of activity on facebook and twitter (sans the auto-posting freaks), I’m not alone in my late night/early morning brain adventures.

Here’s a taste of the important things running through my head:

  • why the hell am i awake?
  • what the hell is that noise next to me?
  • did the kids eat lunch today?
  • did anyone feed the dogs?
  • did I put peanut butter on the grocery list? should I even put peanut butter on the grocery list? are there allergies in kid1/kid2’s new classes this year?
  • oh crap, new classes. did we get all the school supplies? we took all the school supplies in during open house. but did we get ALL the school supplies? Hannah doesn’t need school supplies. WAIT. CRAP. I gotta pay Hannah’s school fee. And Will’s for that matter. better do that tomorrow. or tomorrow tomorrow after I wake up again tomorrow night.
  • I wonder why I chose to spell freshmen, f-r-e-s-h-m-a-n, in the 6th grade spelling bee. It’s not the like the sentence they gave me, “The freshmen went outside at lunch.” was much help.
  • What in the hell is that noise next to me?
  • What if I count backwards from 462? 461, 460, 459, 458,
  • I need to put bananas on the list too, 460, 459, 45…
  • The lawn’s been looking really brown lately. I need to talk to Mike about the sprinklers.
  • Why the hell did I cut my hair?
  • Did I put peanut butter on the grocery list? 223, 222, 221, 220
  • When the hell am I going to grocery story? Is it open now? Can I go in my pi’s? 65, 63, 61, 59. Look at me counting backwards by unevens.

What the hell?? Someone put me to sleep….

2 thoughts on “my busy brain

  1. LOVE it! I wake up between 2:14 and 3:20 most late nights/early mornings. And my trick with counting backwards is to picture myself at a large chalk board as I write each one super-big. I don’t erase them; each one just magically disappears as I move on to the next. But I’m ever hopeful, starting at 100 instead of 462…

  2. I’m glad someone eles prefers uneven numbers to odd numbers. I thought I was alone in this cruel world making fun of the numbers that couldn’t find a matching pair.

    Have you considered memorizing Fibonacci sequence the Better yet just read that print that page and give it a read any time you wake up early.

    However I think you could become a Guinness record holder in reciting the numbers of PI. (Piphilology)

    Another way to avoid waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning is just go to bed then…

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