I received a lot of comments offline on my latest post snap. crackle. pop. (Comment in the comment section, people! Let’s start a dialogue. Let’s! Let’s!)

Let me explain my view on writing. All thoughts expressed by me aren’t always my own. Each and every day, like you, I take stuff in, absorbing what’s around me.  Lately, there’s been a lot of crap. I’m feeling it. Friends around me are feeling it. You may be feeling it.

So snap. crackle. pop. was an attempt to flush out all those shared thoughts. All those things that have been said in the last days, weeks, months. Said by me. Said by you. Said by them.

Of course, some other things have been said in the past days and weeks and months like, “oh, WTF did you do to your hair? (I will cut you!)” and “Are you watching the XXX Games? (Who isn’t?)” but those important items have already been covered in thought-provoking, widely entertaining posts. Written by yours truly.

A wise man named Ernest once said:

Remember, sometimes the author doesn’t just bleed her words; she bleeds our words. (and throws fancy semicolons in sentences pondering correct usage!?!!)

8 thoughts on “commentary

  1. You didn’t say anything that we haven’t thought or said at any given time…don’t apologize, defend or feel bad. If peeps don’t like it they can quit reading…and find a fairy tale to read

    1. I’m more putting out the message that I am “not in danger” and I will be okay. You may be in danger “having” to read my writing, but you’re exactly right that these are thoughts we all share…As usual, I’m the one sharing!

  2. Seriously. I read it and related; flash-back to my office years ( thankfully work from home now and avoid most of the BS). Though some of this applied to me dealing w/my kids…

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