when i grow up

At school last week, The Girl was the Unique of the Week.  Each day she had a special project; something to share with the class, a story to tell, pictures to share. One project was “When I grow up, I want to be ___________”

The teacher was kind enough to provide a template. All my sweet, innocent 6 year old daughter had to do was write the word of what she wants to be and draw a picture.

She wants to be a singer.

She almost nailed the spelling of s-i-n-g-e-r. Almost.

The drawing? Obviously a singer. Obviously!

Rest assured, this particular project will be dated and filed away to be brought out at birthdays, graduations, weddings, childbirths.  Maybe even the Grammys. Once she’s “made” it!

6 thoughts on “when i grow up

  1. I’ll bet that guitar loves a good strumming. And she can call herself, “Lady Goo Goo.” She can really get her audience pumped up. (I’ll stop now.)

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