>$425 million

I will not be keeping my job.

I will be changing my cell phone number. You will find it unlisted.

I will not be living in this neighborhood any longer.

My new neighbors are trees, sand & the deep blue ocean.

I will be hiring an attorney. And a money manager. Possibly more than one of each.

Some of you will be receiving checks. Some of you will have access to trusts. Some of you will get nothing.

I will need to get creative and come up with a name for my new “compound.”

Some of you will be invited to my compound. Some to live. Some to visit.

I will NO LONGER cook, clean, go grocery shopping, clean out my cars or drive on a regular basis.

You will no longer see me in the airports.

My children may struggle to attend school regularly.  Their school will be the world. And a tutor. Add “tutor” to list of people to hire.

I will, obviously, now have a staff. And someone to manage the staff.

All of this is work I am willing to take on. I believe I will be good at it. DAMN good at it!

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