the most glorious day of all days

It’s a Monday like any other Monday. Only it’s nothing like it. It’s the best Monday ever, ever in the ever entire world. It’s that magical day the kids go back to school after 47 weeks off for the Winter/Holiday/Don’t Say Christmas break.

Waking the kids up this morning was just like any other school day. Except it’s nothing like it. It’s the school day, the back into the routine day, the day no one wants to wake up, Mother included, since we’ve all been sleeping in until 11:30 am for the past 47 weeks for the Winter/Holiday/Don’t Say Christmas break.

The longest 47 weeks in all the land.  The 2 weeks that only felt like 47 longest weeks in all the land. Those days came to an end. I didn’t think the end was coming.

Don’t get me wrong. We had an amazeballs break. (Yeh, I’m bringing “amazeballs” back in 2013. It’s the Year of ME so I can do whatever the hell I want.) We did what you did. We watched TV. A lot. We visited family. Not enough. We yelled at each other. A LOT. We ate at fancy chain restaurants. Not enough. We had Nerf gun wars. We injured each other. We played board games. We painted our nails. We went sledding. We took hot baths. We drank wine. We lost our god damn minds.

And then this morning came. The most glorious morning of all mornings. The anxious anticipation of the arrival of the most beautiful yellow, stretch ride in all of the land.

She came ’round the bend.

the bus

She opened her doors. They entered. The sun shone upon us all.


And away they went. On the most glorious day of all days.

And then I took a hot bath. And drank some wine. And went in search of my god damn mind.