sometimes you just get to work with cool people

Some days just end with a big ole smile.  Some days you realize you really do work with some fun people. Other days end with curse words and frustration. Those days make the days like today absolutely AMAZEBALLS!

Most of my days are spent on conference calls. Some calls with people I’ve known for a long, long time. Others, with people I’ve never met. Among those that I’ve known for long, long time, I’ve got a bit of a reputation. I’m the crazy one. The goofball. The oddball. The silly, creative, obnoxious one. I take all of that as a huge compliment.

Then there was a call yesterday. A conference call among friends late in the day that started like this:

ME: Hi, Julie’s on

Amelia*: Hi, Julie. It’s Amelia. I think it’s just us so far.

ME: Okay.

Amelia: So I just had this call with Bob* and he was telling me a hysterical story about your hair and bananas.

ME: (Silence. Processing words. Listening to beeps as others join the call in the middle of her sentence.) WHAT??  My hair & bananas? (loud laughter)

Others that have joined the call in the middle of her sentence: What did I just join? Oh tell me more about your hair & bananas, Julie.

ME: Ummm, I’m thinking real hard and I don’t remember anything about my hair and bananas.

Amelia: It was the funniest story…

CALL THEN GETS SERIOUS AND STARTS ON TOPIC. Stays that way a bit, goes back to bananas, then back to serious. (You’re welcome for the comedic break o’co-workers o’mine!)

Bob wasn’t on the call but one of his co-workers was (they work at a company we use as a vendor) and she tried to IM him to get an answer. No response. I listened to the call as much as I could while thinking of my hair and bananas.  What? When? What’d I do now??

Since I’m friends with Bob on facebook, I sent him a DM that I’m on a call with Amelia and she said she just had the funniest conversation with him about my hair and bananas.

I wait. And wait. He finally sets me straight later last night, and now he understands the odd messages he received from his co-worker.

Bob: BANDANAS! I shared your hair coloring/cutting, cutting, cutting saga and the helmet in SkyMall catalog – she almost wet herself – and those were bandanas, not bananas – this is totally how rumors get started.

And what an amazing rumor! This morning there was some banter by email, subject: bananas. Everyone was set straight on the bandanas.

Then this afternoon, Bob replied to all on the bananas email with this:


And that’s when today became the best day at work EVER!

(* names changed to protect the “innocent”)

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