when I’m 100

Hannah (age 6) recently celebrated 100 days at school (nevermind it’s felt much, much longer) & she brought home a couple projects that caught my eye.

Exhibit A: “When she’s 100, she will be ded (aka dead).” Yes, probably. Or she cude lef (that’s “could live” for all you non-readers of the 1st grade language.)


Exhibit B: Apparently between now (again, age 6) and 100, she will be “getting some work done.” And then I’ll be all, “As your mother, I must tell you you are now top-heavy. Walking will be struggle. Gravity will not be your friend…face. pavement. Think about it!” You know, all the important things a girl should know before making “an upgrade” as told to her my her mother.


6 thoughts on “when I’m 100

  1. Now, what I really want to see is the papers you wrote age 6……has your Mum got any gems she could share, or like my mother are they all at the local land fill.

    1. HA! Lord only knows what I wrote that young…I do remember a couple of petitions I made my classmates sign to “let me watch TV” cause they ALL watched TV or other silliness!

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