so what about me

“They” (the super-important-blogging-super-stars) tell me my about me section of my blog is uber-important. It’s what defines me, it’s how people know me, it’s one of the first pages checked by my hoards and hoards of readers. Hoards!


So I’ve redone me. Or, I’ve redone what I’m telling you about me. But it makes me wonder, what don’t I know about me. What do you know about me that I need to know about me that I don’t really know about me?  (Anyone still following me? Nope? Cool!)

Here’s my ask…in the comments section of my about me page add what I’ve missed. What do I, and others, need to know about me. Teach me about me. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ WHAT YOU SAY….waiting…

6 thoughts on “so what about me

  1. I know that you just turned 40. I know that you most likely are not a natural blond. I know that you don’t take yourself too seriously and I know that you follow very interesting, and I might add, entertaining people…ME!

    1. 1. Not 40 til March – just celebrating early and as much as I can for as long as I can! 2. What?? Not a natural blonde? Well, I never…. 3. Yes, I enjoy following the entertaining people!! Like you. You’s my people


  2. I know that you are one of the most authentic people I’ve met and have sustained that since your teens years. I know that you are hilarious, love your family and speak the truth of motherhood and life in general. I look forward to your posts and know that if I showed up at your door you most likely would be in your robe with coffee or wine in hand!

    1. And I would invite you in to share in a beverage. I wouldn’t even make you change out of your robe, if that’s what you care to show up in! I know I’d be staying in mine.

  3. I like your “quirky cool” sense of humor and your audacious attitude. Your writing is fresh and full of spunk, plunk, and a healthy dose of “FU.” I love that you don’t always know you’re being funny. Just be the real you. You crack me up. Ya got the gift! 😀
    Hilarious – On your “Life List” on your blog, you put “Go Clamming.” Ha, ha, ha.

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