10 years ago

10 years ago, about this time in February:

  • I was about to turn 30.
  • I’d been a bride for all of 6 months.
  • There were no children and barely a thought of children.
  • We were a one dog household.
  • I was starting a new job.
  • We were living in our first house.
  • I wasn’t driving a minivan and was adamant I never would.
  • My hair was short.
  • I didn’t have Facebook, twitter or know what a blog was.


  • I’m about to turn 40.
  • We’ve surpassed the 10 year mark in our marriage. It’s been a ride! Just like “they” say it can be.
  • We have 2 kids.  One about to turn 9, the other almost 7. HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? (I mean the them getting older part. I get how the kids happened. I think.)
  • We are now a 2 dog household, and had to say goodbye to the one we had 10 years ago. RIP Chesney!
  • I have the same “job” but the name of the place has changed 3 times, I’m not doing the same thing, I’ve moved cities twice, and I’ve met some amaze balls people. Some still around. Some moved on.
  • We are in our 3rd house and unless I win the lottery and move to my dream beach house, we may be here for another 10 years. And I’m okay with that.
  • I drive a minivan, have for awhile and liked it. But I’m starting to get that feeling that I don’t belong behind the wheel of a minivan. Over it!
  • My hair is short.
  • I “have” Facebook, twitter, pinterest (with 13,245 pins. 3 of them attempted) and a blog, now called Mommy’s Misadventures.

I wonder what this list looks like in 10 years!

7 thoughts on “10 years ago

  1. Your kids will be 19 and 17.

    They will be driving your minivan.

    Your hair dye will cover more grey.

    You’ll still be hilarious.

  2. In ten years, you will be ‘more’ of everything wonderful that you are now!!
    Oh, and a huge house a ‘pool boy’ named Julio!!

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