finding my voice with the help of The Bloggess

When I started this blog a couple of years ago, my idea was to keep the far-away family updated on the stories of this crazy ass family “I’m in charge of” AND get some of it written down so I would remember all the madness later. Like weeks later, not just years later.

As I learned more and explored this whole blogging, social media, web internet thingy I stumbled across some super funny people I had never heard of before. One of them was The Bloggess. Something “they” (aka the writing experts) talk about is finding your voice. I felt pretty sure of my voice, but I wasn’t confident with my voice. There’s a big difference between the two. But then I stumbled upon The Bloggess, aka Jenny Lawson.

Initial impression – GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HEAD! While our story isn’t the same, she tells stories just like me…here, here, over there, back to here, now there, and here. Someone with “my voice” was telling her stories and people were responding. I can write. I should write. And keep writing the funny crap while finding confidence with my voice.

And then she wrote a book. HOLY BALLS. Hundreds of pages of her words. Stories told here, here, over there, back to here, now there and here. All in one, big book!

thebloggess book

If you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out on some serious humor. And possible peeing of your pants. My husband read it on our way to Mexico for our anniversary and I’m pretty sure he was shaking the plane with his strong laughter with tears streaming down his face.  A friend of mine woke her husband up as she shook the bed laughing. He woke up asking “what are you doing over there? HINT HINT” I don’t think he got the answer he wanted. She was only innocently laying there, laughing.

And then last night happened.  She came to visit ME! Okay fine, she was at a bookstore nearby and a couple of us went. It was happening – I was meeting someone I deeply admire in person. Those things don’t happen very often, and I was thrilled. And of course, I had to bring Friedrich. She’s got her collection of taxidermy animals, so why wouldn’t I bring my stuffed German unicorn. BOOONNNNDINGGG!

I love everything about this pic. Except my buck teeth. Or lack of lower lip. #perspective
I love everything about this pic. Except my buck teeth. Or lack of lower lip. #perspective

And bonding we did. She loved it. I loved it.  Photos happened and we spoke of his need of rainbow suspenders AT THE VERY SAME TIME! Jinx. You owe me a Coke. OR you can tell me we are sisters and whatever, “that’s cool!” I made The Bloggess laugh.  Jenny Lawson laughed. At me. With me.  See I am funny. Funnnnnn-eeeee. (I’m probably writing this to tell myself, but you can keep telling me. Maybe I’ll just call Jenny and we’ll talk about dead cuban alligators, stuffed German unicorns & rainbow suspenders.)

I also made a “charitable donation” and purchased this poster at auction. It’s a signed piece of art that will stare at me day & night and remind me to write. Remind me that I’m funny. The Bloggess wrote that “I rock” in knowing me all of 30 seconds. HELLLLLO, first impressions.

writing inspiration new home

She also told me it took her 12 years to write her story. I wonder if I can do mine in 11? I will stare at my poster and try.

For those of you that haven’t experienced The Bloggess yet, here are a couple more links to some of my favorites. Read those, then go get lost in her site. Oh, and go buy her book! NOW! You can thank me later.

And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.

Follow your dreams. Unless they’re dreams about making out with yourself. Those are weird. You probably need therapy.