A new adventure at Mommy’s Misadventures

Hello friends –

I’ve started upon a new adventure appropriately deemed Mommy’s Misadventures. After blogging at ottmama.com for a couple of years, I went through an identity crisis of sorts (not Canadian. Pretty sure I’m not an ottoman either, but still confirming as the jury seems out on that one! Here rest your feet upon my…oh never mind.) and I’m in the process of moving all the goodness of ottmama.com to a new home at Mommy’s Misadventures! (looks familiar doesn’t it?)

Things might be clunky for a bit as I work through shifting sites and social media (holy crap there’s gotta be an easier way to do this!) so bare/bear/beer with me. (I take any and all hints from others that have made a similar change. Ready? Go! Comments are available below. Make some!)

As for content…still me. Still chatting up the madness that is motherhood and my crazy ways. Gonna make you laugh, might piss you off, may make you shake your head saying “HELL YES! WHAT SHE SAID!!” or “OH NO SHE DIDN’T!” Pretty sure, OH YES I DID! (What’s with all the caps? Super annoying. Please stop.)

So bookmark Mommy’s Misadventures, sign up for emails of my posts (I know, how very 2005 of me), wait for me to send you to my facebook page and follow me on twitter (HOLD ON, LET ME TRANSFER MY ACCOUNTS! I GOTS GOOD STUFF OUT THERE!!). Cause really, what the hell else are you going to do with your time.  Dishes can wait. Laundry does it’s self.  And all is right in the world.

Much Love,


A Mom with a ton of Misadventures now found at Mommy’s Misadventures

P.S. – I’m now blogging at Mommy’s Misadventures

You got that?  New site Mommy’s Misadventures

Awww, nevermind.  See ya on the flipside, aka Mommy’s Misadventures.  Peace out!

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