Die Mark Zuckerberg

Pages. Profiles. Personal. Business. Likes. Friends. Blah. Blah. Blah. URGH! Yes, Mark Z is making me grunt and not in a happy way. URGHHHHHHH.

Apparently I clicked around a little too much in Facebook today and no longer exist.  I mean I do, but not as who I want or who I was on Facebook. Kinda sad. Kinda addicted. Now kinda pissed. Ok, not kinda at all.  Just super pissed. And with little sleep last night…….STAY AWAY FROM ME!!

I wonder if they’ll reply nicely to my request to reinstate my personal account.  Probably yes now that I’ve created a post titled Die Mark Zuckerberg. Most definitely yes.

Damn you, Mark Zuckerbergerman