Multiple Personalities

UPDATE: If you’re a Facebook addict, which I may or may not be, you can go ahead and like my new Facebook page Mommy’s Misadventures. And now I can go tell all my friends to like another page.  The 76th time I’ve asked them to like a page in 24 hours. Bestest friend, EVAHHHHH!

Do not, I repeat, do not google “converting your Facebook profile to Facebook business/fan pages” and then proceed to follow the 7-10 steps listed on a gazillion sites. What you need to google is “Facebook migration nightmare.” Then read several of those posts, step away from your computer, decide it’s a horrible idea and grab another cup of coffee.

A simple change in what you search for will:

1. Save you a crap ton of pain,

2. eliminate the need to sign up for multiple new email addresses (one Facebook account per email address please) in an attempt to sign up for new pages/profile,

3. prevent many, many, many friends from texting you “why the hell you defriending me?”,

4. and most importantly, simply save you from wasting a day of your life attempting to recreate a Facebook profile you’ve had for 7+ years, under a new name, with no photos. AWESOME!

And before you ask, yes I’ve filled out the form on Facebook to convert my new fan page back to my lost profile page, but from what I read, that’s a hit or miss solution. So in the meantime I will shout, “Stupid head, Mark Zuckerberg!” and continue adding friends that were already friends and answering the text messages.

2 thoughts on “Multiple Personalities

  1. So I confused and think i must have missed a few posts. Sorry for all the mess and hope all you’re doing is rebranding but MOST OF ALL hope you keep writing, otter. Luv u

    1. You’re confused?? HA! I’ve got no idea who I am any more and how you find me on said Facebook! A day to remember, I mean black out on. No worries, still writing, just a new home to post the madness. Love back at you!

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