Bitch Stole My Bike

(From the vault: We’ve had 2 snow days and a 2 hour delay and it’s only the middle of December! Winter doesn’t officially start until this weekend and the fact that my kids have already missed some school makes me pissy!  I’m reposting some of my favorites from Summertime!)

Back in March, I got a beach cruiser bike for my big 4-0. I live no where near the beach but I have dreams of someday being a beach girl, so an old lady cruiser bike is a step in the right direction. Right? Exactly!

Last weekend, I piled the kids into the minivan and DROVE them down to the neighborhood pool while The Husband finished up some things around the house.  Then he made his way to the pool.

Here he is returning home on the ride that got him down to the pool…

And then you said...

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