All About The Balls

RERUN: All the talk of Tom Brady’s balls has me reminiscing about all the talk of balls in our house. This event originally occurred in February 2011.  We still aren’t allowed to play with our balls in the house, BUT, with Puberty Day fast approaching on February 11th, I may need to ease up on this super-strict house rule.


This morning we had an “incident” of a ball knocking over a drink after breakfast. Which led to the following conversation:

ME: “You can NO LONGER play with your balls IN this house!”

The Boy: “I wasn’t playing with my balls!”

ME: “You WERE playing with your balls and now everything is all WET. Help me clean up this mess. RIGHT. NOW!”

Later. At the bus stop, after he walked over with a huge pout on his face, I said: “I don’t want you going to school mad. I love you very much. You just can’t play with your balls in this house any more.”

The Boy, snotty: “But what about ‘The Girl”?”

The Girl, smiling: “I don’t even have any balls!”

Brilliant! And that, my friends, is how I sent my kids off to school this morning…

And then you said...

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