You Know You Feel It Too

You can tell me all you want about…

  • how I’m a whimp
  • how I grew up in parts much colder than this
  • how 57 degree weather doesn’t deserve the warmest of parkas
  • how it’s sunny out, and I’m obviously overdressed
  • how it’s going to be 65 degrees today and we don’t need the heat on
  • how it’s going to be much, much colder than this
  • how we’ll wish we had these warm days again in a couple of months

I don’t care about any of it.  I’m cold. I’m angry. I’m house hunting on a beach. And I’m probably going to be doing the same bitching in a year!

And I know you’re bitching too.  Maybe just on the inside. It’s okay to hurt. You can talk about it.  We can all talk about it. And cuddle. And drink coffee with special “additives”. And build fires. And wear sleeping bags to youth sporting events.



Why do we still live this far north??


The Angry, Cold Lady