How She Doesn’t Do It All

Oftentimes, you’ll meet someone and wonder “how does she do it all?” How does she look so polished? How do her kids look so polished? What kind of polish are they using? How do her kids go to school with a packed lunch everyday? How is she never late for work?

Well, I can promise you this – you’ll never ask me those questions! This year has felt crazy. Let’s be honest, the last several years have felt crazy.  I can’t remember what year it is anymore.  I can’t keep track of it all. Or I’m just too tired to keep track of it all anymore.

  • Who needs which formed signed by what person for what sport that starts when?
  • I have to approve what bus schedule, pick my kids’ teacher (what & why??), get them signed up for sports 2 years in advance by when? School supplies, what?
  • I was just in the living room. Now I’m in the kitchen. Can someone tell me why?
  • How long has this laundry been sitting in the washer?
  • When’s the last time I showered? Why am I out of dry shampoo? Where’s my deodorant? Who’s stealing all my stuff??!
  • When do the kids go back to school?
  • What day is it? When’s vacation? How is it almost August?

So, keep it together polished friends of mine. Keeping setting the good example. I’ll be over here. Lost in my own kitchen.





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