If You Can’t Laugh at YOURSELF

Laugh at (read: with) your friends. And LAUGH HARD! And if you need a little inspiration, I’m coming at ya! 

Recently, a great friend of mine posted the following video on her Facebook page.  (If you’re easily bored by directions start at about :25. You should be able to grasp the idea in no time. Fingers crossed.)

She then texted several of us and asked, “if I buy this, who’s gonna play it with me?” The multiple replies of ME, ME, ME, and OH HELLLL YEAH  were almost instantaneous. She then went on a mad search to find the game. Sold out. Sold out and Sold out.

God-Damn-It’s could be heard all around town.

Then she got crafty.  She found cheek retractors on Amazon (God Bless You, Amazon) and some phrase printables on etsy.  We picked a night and all showed up at her place with our 6 packs in tow.

Then madness and hilarity ensued. 6 packs not needed.  Actually the 6 packs caused unexpected challenges.  I was kind enough to illustrate for you below:

And the reading of the actual phrases. Holy HELL! FYI – B’s and M’s are close to impossible to say.

May I recommend you try to say the word “bum” even if it’s not a part of the sentence you’re actually supposed to be reading.  You can thank me later.

Some other pieces of advice for the first timers out there:

  • You must be prepared for the drool. SO. MUCH. DROOL. Have paper towels handy. We’re going to recommend you just have the whole roll at the table within arms reach.
  • You’re also going to want to watch your friends try to insert their cheek retractors for the first time. Some will get it quickly. Others…it may take several tries. For those friends – you will pee yourself laughing at them!
  • Some fun words to say include “duck” or “buck” or “truck”. Or bragging about your son being better than all the other kids. Something like, “My son is a special snowflake.”
  • Also, the DROOL.  I can’t say it enough

With all that advice, I’ll just go ahead and leave you with these final words:


Be scrappy. Plan your “cheek retractor” night now! And feel free to invite me. I’d LOVE to play again.