An Open Letter to Those I’ve Unfriended on Facebook

By now you may have seen yourself unfriended from my Facebook page. I spent some time this week narrowing the list of people that can share things with me in that channel.  I’ll openly admit the results of this election were the main driver.  Others have chosen to remove themselves from Facebook or block people.  I decided to clean house.

Ya see, Facebook is a social sharing site. You can share and say what you want and I can do the same.  The great thing about social media is, as the owner of my Facebook experience, I can choose to eliminate those I think, or have seen, support the hate.

Yep, you read that right.  Support the hate.  This election, to me, showed us a country where the majority of those that voted were able to get the Electoral College to elect a man filled with hate, and a supporter of hate, seen and heard through use of his very OWN words.  And yes, I bring up the Electoral College because we’ve seen the popular vote be a vote for Hillary.  And yes, we’ve seen a majority of the country not even go vote.  So many problems with those two sentences. But that discourse is not the main message for me today.

For me, the bigger problem is the election of Trump.  Not the election of a Republican. The election of a man filled with hate, and a speaker of hate, toward so many people across this great country. That is my protest. That is the protest we are seeing across the country. And that is my elimination of friends on Facebook.

Which leads me to my next topic.  Friends on Facebook. Why have we gotten to a place where that’s the main place we interact as friends?  I’ll be the first to admit, I’m that person.  I work from home, alone all day with 5 dogs, and Facebook is my escape.  It’s where I go to “be with friends” or “interact with humanity” be it for a minute or half an hour. (On really good days, when I’ve taken the time to shower, that place is also Kroger or Walmart, but that’s a different blog post about personal hygiene.) It’s also my escape in the evening, or while waiting in a parking lot for sports pick-up or really anytime I need a time suck.

As I see it, I can choose to not see you, or your commentary, on Facebook.  I can choose to continue to see you in real life. Where we don’t see each other any more. Relying on Facebook to keep our friendship alive and well is not okay.  Social interaction needs to happen live and in person.  Not on a wall.

And you can choose to be pissed off at me for unfriending you.  For choosing to eliminate support of the hate where I can in my personal social media bubble.

You can choose to ignore me next time we see each other in public, or you can choose to say “hello”.  Similar to the choice you made to support, not support or not vote in this year’s election. And similar to my choice to clean house in my Facebook experience.







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