New Series: If I…


I’m the master at telling myself, “If I do ‘X’, I’ll get Y”.  For example:

  • If I…get an iWatch, I’ll go to the gym wayyyyy more.
  • If I…get an Insta-pot, I’ll cook for my family wayyyy more.
  • If I…start meditating, I’ll find peace and unicorns and leprechauns and wayyyy more happiness.
  • If I…eat more donuts, I’ll get wayyyyyy less fat.

Okay, maybe I’m not doing all of them exactly right but regardless, I’m going to start a new series called “If I…”.  I’ll feature those things I’ve thought I MUST try and share the journey along with any results or lackthereof.  I’ll feature those trendy things we are all feeling pressured to try; either by our friends or those asshole perfect moms on Pinterest.

And I’ll ask you what you’ve tried! You’ll need to suggest things for me to try or maybe we can try something together and argue who is having the worst time! Who gave up first? And should one of us succeed, I guess we can talk about that too.

A few things to get straight before we start:

  • Just cause you recommend it, doesn’t mean I’m going to try it! I don’t trust some of you!
  • I’m gonna need for you to tell me why it’s so ahhhhmazing! How it worked for you or how it worked “for a friend” or why I MUST try it!
  • NO SELLING! I’m not going to start shilling your shit here.  I may tell you where to get something, but this isn’t my living room and I didn’t invite you over to sell your wares so I could get some free towels/jewelry/shakes/tupperware.
  • Use of the word “results” is probably only meant for entertainment purposes.

Here’s one we’ll get started with: If I…start a blog series, I’ll get millions of blog hits overnight and be a millionaire by Saturday!

Have a great weekend & I’ll see you next week…


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